How to install a VPN on any LibreELEC device, including LibreELEC for Amlogic devices.

A VPN is a service that allows you to browse the Internet anonymously. A VPN can help keep your network secure and in the world of KODI, can allow you to watch Geo-restricted content as well as myriad of other benefits.

The benefits to using a VPN on KODI is that it gives you full, unrestricted access to every addon – Some addons on KODI are Geo-restricted, which prevents some user in different countries from accessing it’s content.

In this guide I will be showing you how to setup IPVANISH VPN service on your LibreELEC device, this guide will be covering LibreELEC 8 which is running KODI 17 Krypton. This tutorial can be easily applied to LibreELEC 7 which is running KODI 16 Jarvis.

The reason I am using IPVANISH is because it is a service that just works, it’s fine tuned and does not rely on other service providers for their backend as they provide their own servers. IPVanish has being around a lot longer compared to other services, they no what they are doing and is a trusted quality VPN provider.

When choosing a VPN service, speed is an important factor as when your accessing a VPN’s server your internet speed can be reduced, as more processing power is needed to run the service. IPVANISH allow you to install it onto multiple device, great if you have multpie streaming device or computer’s around your home

We will be using a OpenVPN addon for LibreELEC the addon work’s really well, other VPN services can be used with OpenVPN.

Step 1 – Register for a VPN service such as IPVANISH.

Step 2 – Let’s download and install OpenVPN onto your LibreELEC device – download the Zomboid repository here.

Step 3 – Transfer the ZIP file to a memory card and insert into your LibreELEC device.

Step 4 – If you haven’t already, turn on ‘install from unknown sources’ in KODI 17. If your using KODI 16 on you do not need to do this. For KODI 16 jarvis, go to settings – addons – install from zip file. This is for the Estuary skin setup on Krypton.

  • Click the COG icon at the top left hand menu on Estuary skin

  • Click System settings

  • Head down to Addon’s

  • Right hand side you will see ‘unknown sources’ turn this on

Step 5 – Return to KODI’s home screen on KODI’s Estuary Skin.

Step 6 – Click ‘Addons’ side bar menu on the home screen.

Step 7 – Click the ‘Opened Box’ icon at the top left hand of the screen on Estuary skin.

Step 8 – Click install from zip file.

Step 9 – Select your USB or Memory card device, with the zip file we downloaded and inserted into LE device before.

Step 10 – Click the Zomboid Repo zip file.

Step 11 – Wait for the Installed Zomboid icon to display.

Step 12 – Click install from repository which is just above install from zip file, menu option.

Step 13 – Find the Zomboid Repository and click into this repository.

Step 14 – Select service and select OpenVPN addon and select INSTALL.

Step 15 – The addon will now ask you to set it up.

Step 16 – Find and select IPVANISH as your VPN provider.

Step 17 – Below this, enter your Username and Password for IPVANISH or whichever VPN service you are using.

Step 18 – Click first VPN service which is the second menu option on the left hand menu.

Step 19 – After this the server will connect and provide you with a list of servers that you can connect to, this is the part where you can select which country you would like to browse the internet from.

20 – After this initial setup you can setup a second VPN connection.

After you have done, you are free to use your VPN on your device and others. Here are just some of the benefits of using a VPN.

Unrestricted access to a myriad of KODI addon’s

Stay safe on a unsecured network like a WIFI public hotspot

Access to censored applications or websites

Anonymous torrenting





  1. I am having problems with OpenVPN ramdomly disconnecting. I have tried switching servers but that has not worked. I can unplug/plug back in my libreelec box and it will then work…most of the time.

    What is the best solution to this? I have seen a few different solutions but want to get it right.

    Thanks! MXQ Project is the shit (as we say in the US)!

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