TUTORIAL (S805): How to run LibreELEC via Dual Boot & NAND Flash

Hey Everyone,


This is the first of our series of tutorials that will be making their way to the new website over from the old one.


For the time being we are just posting the video tutorials but we will eventually get around to posting step by step guides as well.


So, with that in mind let’s get started. In this lesson Matthew will first show you how to download, write and boot the LibreELEC operating system from an SD card, he then goes on to explain how we can use a process called ‘SSH’ from within Windows to allow you to copy the OS from the SD card and run it straight from your MXQ box.


Reminder: This is a tutorial focused on installing the OS onto devices that have an Amlogic S805 processor, specifically the MXQ OTT TV box, although this guide can be adapted to other S805 devices and the process is also similar for other processors as well so proceed with caution. We aren’t responsible if you damage your hardware!

Files you will need:

Kszaq’s LibreELEC images from here

Alternative Download Links For KSZAQ’s LibreELEC S805 here

Win32 Disk Imager from here


Enjoy, I hope you find this helpful.


11 thoughts on “TUTORIAL (S805): How to run LibreELEC via Dual Boot & NAND Flash

  1. Brilliant! Got two out of three boxes running it installed to internal. Used LibreELEC-S805.arm-8.2- On two I had to use the USB method to get them to talk again (also brilliant) sadly one of those still does not respond to the reset pin, but two out of three ain’t bad. I installed some Kodi stuff while running off the SD card and it transferred to internal with those packages. Yes, I am going to send you money. Regards to Matthew.

  2. Hi , i own a MXQ that shows the s805-Logo on start, but i do not realy believe it. I’m searching for dif ways to became the hardware info, an one ist was shown ist mxq_tk1 and the other amalog Meson8B.

    I ask, because no sd-image was running. Not the mxq and not the HD18Q.

    Thats frustrating. I will run the game gaming build, an for it i must have preinstalled libreelec. Is that right?

  3. Great video! Thanks

    I have a few questions.

    My ethernet is not working with this image. It works fine with android.
    I can use the wifi although I prefer my wired connection.

    Anyone else having this problem?
    I guess I have to try the other MXQ image.

    1. I would like to copy all of the system (presently in the nand) to the sd card image.
    Is this possible? Like in putty “copytoexterna”l?

    2. How do you return the box to original state as in just android?
    I have a twrp image on SD card backed up before I copied the image to internal,
    I am assuming that I can just boot from SD and restore.

    Any thoughts?

    1. I figured out that my android twrp image restored the box back to normal.

      The ethernet was a problem with my router, all is working now.

      I did back up the nand image of LibreElec using twrp on the SD card.

      Thanks again for the information!

      1. Glad you got the backup/restore sorted.

        As for ‘installtoexternal’ I’m not 100 percent sure on that one but it’s an interesting idea. I may need to look into this.

  4. One other thing, your video correctly points out that the version on kszaq.libreelec.tv/s805 may be different.
    Should we always go for the very latest?
    Currently, it hosts;
    I’m guessing 8.1.6, but the older versions indicate that they may be available for stability reasons(?)

    1. I would generally stick to using the latest stable release, the older versions stay up there and are eventually moved to another location where the old versions are archived. Also if you ever want to update your version then download a the .tar file instead of the img version, tutorial being posted soon on how to update to the latest version without having to re-write your SD card.


  5. Sorry, bit unclear re NAND install. Does it result in being able to Dual Boot Android/LibreElec, or does LibreElec totally overwrite Android? I suspect the latter, in which case, do you consider LibreElec to be ‘futureproof’, or could we have to revert back to Android in the future?
    (perhaps this is a daft question, as I understand the reason for LibreElec is due to the new versions of Kodi not being supported by the MXQ Android version, but it might be interesting to get your point of view)

    1. As stated in the video, if you install to NAND then it will overwrite your current operating system. LibreELEC I would consider more ‘future proof’, at least if you are only wanting to run Kodi, because it is being constantly updated. Whereas there will no longer be any updates for Android running on the MXQ s805 unless somebody works on a new custom ROM anytime soon.

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