TUTORIAL (S805): Backup & Recover your Firmware using TWRP

In today’s tutorial we are re-posting a video Matthew made a few months back, it is probably one of the more important things to learn and understand when trying out different firmware for your TV box.


This tutorial covers a piece of recovery software called TWRP. If you have dabbled in making Nandroid backups and installing firmware on a mobile/cellular phone before then you have probably heard of this already. It has been ported for us on various devices using Amlogic CPUs. In this video we discuss using the TWRP system that has been developed for Amlogic S805 devices, more specifically the MXQ (all black/HD18Q versions), however this can be adapted to other S805 devices as well.


TWRP is extremely useful for making backups of your current firmware before attempting to install updates or custom ROMs. It can also be used to restore these updates if anything goes wrong. You can use it install new firmware, it can even be flashed to your boxes recovery partition and replace the stock android recovery suite. Advanced features include a terminal for inputting commands to the box and also an ADB sideload function for pushing firmware and files to the box that are stored elsewhere on a PC etc.


So in the video below Matthew is going to show you how to use TWRP to backup and restore your Android/LibreELEC firmware.


You can download the S805 port of TWRP here, an alternate version here & if you own a Beelink MXQ (with a red stripe on top of the box) then you need to use this version here.



We hope you have enjoyed this video and if you wish to learn more about TWRP etc. then please subscribe to our YouTube channel for extra TWRP videos and even more content. We will also be posting more TWRP videos for other devices soon.


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  1. i have already downloaded the recovery file and i have copied that recovery.img file on formatted as fat32 SDcard. But doing that correct procedure “pushing av reset button i can’t see twrp on my screen even it goes to normal bootloader. please help.


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