TUTORIAL (MXQPRO S905): Google Lean back Launcher Android 5.1 Firmware Installation Guide

Stock firmware on the MXQPRO S905 Android TV box is a little slow. Coolio, a Dev over on Freaktab.com forum has come up up with the perfect solution to this, by editing the Ugoos firmware for their S905 device and bringing it over to MXQPRO S905 device. The MXQPRO has a great processor, the S905 Amlogic SOC. Unfortunately, like many very cheap Android TV Box’s the MXQPRO is held back by slow NAND storage and 1GB of ram, this firmware should address some of the speed issues that MXQPRO S905 user’s may be experiencing.

This firmware includes major stability improvements over stock firmware, as well as a neat little feature that help’s improve the fps performance of 3D games on your box. Google’s Lean back launcher is one the best features of this firmware, this firmware brings a great user experience to your MXQPRO S905.

This firmware is aimed at the P201 MXQPRO S905 Motherboard, please watch the tutorial below very carefully. The process involves using Amlogic USB Burning Tool and requires a windows PC or laptop. THis firmware, will not work on similar device that have Rockchip 3229 processors or Amlogic S905X or S905D MXQPRO android TV box’s.

Please note that this firmware has the potential to brick your device, ensure you understand how to reverse the process if your box fails to boot.

All credit goes to the developer for this Firmware.

Coolio MXQPRO S905 Firmware – http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-support/amlogic-based-tv-players/s905/others-ac/firmware-roms-tools-bj/637014-rom-image-firmware-mxq-pro-4k-p201-android-tv-atv-by-coolio/page12

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