TUTORIAL: LibreELEC Amlogic S912 Dual Boot Installation Guide

Installing LibreELEC on Amlogic S912 Android TV Box device’s is easy, thanks to KSZAQ’s brilliant LE port for S912 devices. We will show you how to dual boot your S912 device using a SD card. Before you attempt to dual boot LIbreELEC with your Amlogic S912 Android TV Box, you will need a fast SD card to ensure the LibreELEC system runs smooth as possible. I highly recommend a Sandisk Ultra SD card as a absolute minimum, you can choose the amount of storage depending on your requirements.

LIbreELEC is a operating system that was formed from the ashes of OpenELEC, it’s development is built from the ground up to provide an operating system purely designed to run the famous KODI Multi Media Centre. The brilliant developer KSZAQ, who you can find over on Freaktab forums as well as LibreELEC forum’s, has continued the development for Amlogic devices for quite some time and has continued to provide excellent support.

All Credit Goes To KSZAQ for this development, we are not worthy of his brilliance – To help fund coffee supplies and to give back to the LibreELEC development you can donate via Paypal to KSZAQ. You can find the link to LibreELEC forum here, head a little down the first post for the Paypal link.

KSZAQ’s Amlogic LibreELEC port stretches further and supports both S805 and S905 devices, you can check out installation guides in the S805 and S905 tutorial sections of the MXQProject.com.

The below video will show you how to dual boot your device, I highly recommend sticking to dual booting on S912 devices as they tend to be more expensive and android usually runs pretty well. Due to sloppy Amlogic support, expect a few issues with the S912 LibreELEC port, this is not down to KSZAQ but down to Amlogic lack of continued support for these processors.

Download KSZAQ’s S912 Port here

Alternative KSZAQ’s S912 Download link here

Win32 Disk Imager from here

7-ZIP Unzip Tool Download here

I hope the installation goes well

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