TUTORIAL: Android VPN Installation Guide, Stay Private On line With IP-Vanish

Staying private on line has only ever become increasingly difficult over the years, many internet service providers track and log everything you do on line. The internet should be a place where you can be, without worrying if someone is watching what you are doing.

A VPN is a easy way to overcome these prying eyes. With a VPN, you can browse the internet without any website or anyone knowing who you really are.

VPN’s provide not only security and privacy but access to a much wider selection of the Internet. Some countries and the content coming from that country is sometimes Geo restricted, this means that you cannot view website’s from these countries. An example of a Geo restricted website would be the BBC Iplayer here in the UK. To get around Geo restrictions in the UK, we can use a VPN. By setting a VPN to access the Internet from the UK, this would allow anyone anywhere in the world to view UK Geo restricted content.

In the video below, I will be showing you how to setup a VPN on an android device, this can be applied to any android device as well. In the tutorial below, I will be using a VPN service provider known as IPVanish. IPVanish provide a fast and reliable VPN service and we highly recommend them.

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  1. I am not familiar with IPVanish but OpenVPN seems to do that a lot in Ubuntu 16.04. You can try connecting using L2TP instead but that will be more involved and in my case it involved compiling from source which is not a problem for me. I still had issues so I decided to try IKEV2 instead and I finally succeeded using the command line.

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