TUTORIAL: Amlogic USB Burning Tool Recovery Guide

In this guide I will be showing you how to recover a MXQ S805 TV box using Amlogic USB Burning Tool. You can apply this to pretty much any Amlogic Android TV Box. We have used Amlogic burning tool on pretty much all the available processors, made by Amlogic such as the S805, S905, S905X and the latest S912.

When using this tool, you will need an appropriate IMG file for your specific Amlogic tv box, please do not use any random IMG file’s as this can cause you even more issues. These IMG files are the actual Android operating system that will be burned onto your device’s internal memory.

This guide will require a windows PC running windows 7 or above. We find Amlogic USB Burning Tool does not like WIndows 10 and is a little unhappy about Windows 8, however you may have a different experience to us.

The process for all AMlogic TV box’s is basically the same, download USB Burning tool and then use a Male to Male USB 2.0 Cable to connect your TV box to your PC. These cables can be found for very little money on site’s like eBay or Amazon.

Please watch this tutorial carefully and try not to skip any steps. THe tutorial itself is very easy, but using Amlogic burning tool can be frustrating at times so bare with it. Using this can in itself render your device totally useless, so please ensure you understand you no what your doing as we can’t be held responsible for any problems that arise.

I have included below a download for both Amlogic Burning Tool as well as an IMG file for the MXQ S805. You may need to change your version of Amlogic USB Burning Tool, depending on how well your PC accepts this program. Don’t forget to find an appropriate IMG file for your android tv box, these can be obtained from your supplier or from various online sources.

Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool Click here

Please be patient with this tool as we find it a little sketchy at times.


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