TUTORIAL: Amlogic S905W LibreELEC Dual Boot Guide

We have being tinkering again and found that KSZAQ’s LibreELEC Amlogic port also works on the very latest processor by Amlogic, the S905W. We found that it works just as well as LibreELEC running on other S905 processors by Amlogic.

To boot this from your S905W device, follow the instructions below or take a look at the complete video guide. We have only tested this on a few device and have no idea if it will work on your S905W Android device. However it will not harm your device if it fails to boot as we are only attempted to dual boot the system using a SD card, which will not affect your android system.

First you will need a few files from the following links

KSZAQ’s S905 LibreELEC Port download here

KSZAQ S905X DTB FIles download them here

You will also need Win32disk. Download here

1st step: Down load the above files and then install Win32disk onto your Windows PC / Laptop

2nd step: Load up your LIbreELEC file onto Win32disk and click write to burn the IMG file onto your SD card

3rd: Open up your SD card on your Windows PC / Laptop and change the DTB file located within the files now found on your SD

4th step: Download DTB files and change the name of them to DTB.img – The only DTB files that are known to allow S905W to boot are S905X DTB’s which can be found through the link above – You can now change the DTB on your SD card and attempt to boot LibreELEC from your S905W device.

5th step: Insert your SD Card into your device and locate the reset button, usually found within a AV port or somewhere under on on the side of your S905W device. HOld in this button and then apply power.

If you have being successful, LibreELEC should boot and guide you through the final steps. If LibreELEC fails to boot please go back a few steps and change over the DTB file until you are able to boot LibreELEC. We only need one DTB on the card at any one time, ensure you delete the non working DTB before trying another.

If you get stuck, watch the video guide below as it is far more detailed.

Good luck with this and do let us no how you get on.


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  1. I’ve got the 2Gb 16Gb Mecool X96 I’ve tried all the images you recommend. It does boot into LE bur it hangs with the error ‘can’t find TTY’ and just hangs there???

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