TUTORIAL: Amlogic Burn Card Maker Tutorial – SHORT PIN Method

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The full and extensive video tutorial below will guide you through the process of not only using Amlogic burn card maker, but will also show you the elusive SHORT PIN method. The short pin method, takes advantage of Amlogic motherboards ability to be recovered by connecting two pins together located on your devices NAND flash chip.

Before attempting to recover using this method, we strongly advise you explore all other avenues of recovering your device. Other methods are the commonly known Amlogic USB Burning Tool method and if you device is still booting and giving some sort of output, such as a logo or even a recovery menu screen, then this guide is NOT for you.

This tutorial requires you to have the following to proceed.

Windows PC / Laptop

SD Card suitable for your Amlogic Android TV Box

Burn Card Maker program ‘download below’

Amlogic Burn Card Maker Download here

Written Tutorial

First of all I recommend following the video guide, it is far more detailed. You will first need to download the appropriate firmware as well as Burn Card Maker. The firmware must be in IMG format, which is the same format as what would be used with Amlogic USB Burning Tool. In this tutorial I will be using a M8S Pro, that has become bricked due to incorrect firmware being installed.

Burn card maker should install and run on most versions of Windows, from Windows 7 onwards. You will also require a SD card that is appropriately sized for your Amlogic TV Box. Insert your SD card into your PC and then load up Amlogic Burn Card Maker and select your SD card from the top menu and then proceed to select your IMG file from the bottom menu. Once you have selected both SD card and pointed the program to the appropriate IMG firmware file, you can now select MAKE. The make process should take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your SD card.

The next step is the easy part, locate your devices SD card tray and insert the SD card that we have just burned your IMG file to using Amlogic Burn Card Maker. Next step is to locate the RESET button on your Amlogic device, most devices have this located in the AV port, on the side or even underneath the device. Use a non metallic object that is thin and insert and hold the RESET button down, you can now connect the HDMI cable along with the power and wait until the recovery process begins.

The video below also shows you how to SHORT PIN your device, this may be required for devices that refuse to initiate the recovery process.


The only issues I have came across are both the green screen and non booting issues. A green screen is an indicator that you have the wrong firmware and non booting devices, may require the short pin method that I go over in the full tutorial below.

Let us no how you get on


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