REVIEW: ZIDOO H6 PRO 6K Android 7 TV Box

Zidoo H6 Pro

Zidoo H6 Pro





General Performance




Video Playback



  • Boast's 6K Capabilties
  • Metal Construction
  • Compact, sleek design
  • Task Bar YAY!
  • Good WiFi Performance


  • Slightly Buggy firmware
  • Non Netflix Certified
  • 3 USB Ports
  • Single Band WIFI

All too often we receive sub-par TV boxes from Chinese manufacturers just looking to make a quick buck, it is true that you get what you pay for. Zidoo, however, have broken that trend and produced a mighty fine piece of kit. Below is our video un-boxing and overview of the Zidoo H6.

Boasting 6K video playback this TV box has very little in the way of competition, but how well would this system handle 6K video files? Testing 6K is not something we can test ourselves, those guys over at RED have some 6K test footage but we don’t have the equipment to actually try it out on. This is a huge shame, but we will be taking a good look at this device regardless.

The system has 2GB of ram as well as the relatively new Allwinner H6 processor, which scores an impressive 43-46k on Antutu benchmark. This Antutu score is the highest we have ever seen on a Chinese android TV box, not something to poke fun at considering these processors are placed inside pretty cheap devices.

When we first open up the Zidoo H6 Pro, it really shows you just how capable these Chinese manufacturers are at putting together a good, well presented product. The design of the H6 is really very nice, with an all metal body and ultra smooth finish on top it would not look out of place on any TV cabinet.

The next step of course is to turn this TV box on, looking at the specifications cannot really tell you much about how well a device is going to perform, like on a laptop or desktop computer. Firmware for these devices, really does define these machines. We tested the Beelink GS1 just a few days (also has the Allwinner H6 as well) before we got our hands on the Zidoo H6 Pro and it was rather disappointing. Beelink has made a lot of fuss over the launch of the GS1 TV box and it was kind of a flop, but it was purely down to poorly executed firmware. The Zidoo H6 Pro is a step up and I believe the software engineers have taken much more time getting to grips with Allwinner’s source code than Beelink’s developers had.

The Zidoo H6 Pro performed incredibly well through a number of tests and coupled with some recent major updates, I think this device is an All-Winner (did you see what I did there) and should be considered if you are looking for a shiny new TV box.

Check out my full un-boxing and review in the video below

Enjoy !


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