REVIEW: Excelvan CL720 HD Projector

Excelvan CL720

Excelvan CL720





General Performance




Image Quality



  • Plenty of connectivity
  • Supports older hardware
  • Excellent internal speakers
  • Incredibly Cheap
  • 10 Year lamp life


  • Image quality could be better
  • Bulky Cheap Design
  • Noisy fan

The Excelvan CL720 could be mistaken for another cheap, low end projector and you could even be right. Although the image quality isn’t all that great, it’s huge range of connectivity could give this device the ability to be used in other applications. Let’s take a look at this incredibly cheap budget projector and you can let us no what you think.

Below you will see the Excelvan CL70 and am sure you agree that rear end is pretty impressive, with a huge list of connectivity it even supports ancient RF input.  This is ready for plugging in old hardware such as PS1, PS2 and even consoles like SNES and Atari, but will support the latest hardware like PS4 and Xbox one with it’s 2 x HDMI ports.

This budget projectors supports HDMI, USB Input and of course all those older inputs making this a pretty awesome all round device, suitable for a variety of environments. This projector would be perfect in a school setting and even for the board room, supporting VGA input for those people who have older laptops and or PC towers making this perfect for presentations and a myriad of other applications.

The image quality is the only thing that really let’s this device down, compared to a similar priced projector by, it lacks the quality that device like the Vivibright GP100 provides. In the full review below we take a look at how this projector performs.

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