Projectors for Gaming: Wowoto H8/H9/T8e Xbox One Gaming Performance Test

Traditional gaming on a projector was reserved for those that could afford the high prices that some of the decent projectors demanded, but times have changed and technology has become much cheaper for us mere mortals. Can we game on a projector that costs less than $400 dollars ? The simple answer is an astounding yes, its also not some pathetic excuse either with crisp clear image and performance to match. Wowoto projectors provide an excellent way for budget gamers to project a huge HD screen and game until their hearts content for little money. Compared to the olden days when you literally needed to be a quadzillionaire to afford any projector that would be gaming worthy.

We where pretty excited to see the Wowoto projectors capabilities when we first attached the Xbox One to test a number of games. We projected the image onto a large wall achieving around 100 inches of game play awesomeness. Quite frankly it was a pleasure to use for gaming, barely any input lag, although these Wowoto projector do not fully support 1080p. The projector provided a  very crisp and clear image that was more than satisfying to play on all the games we tried, achieving what is known as WXVGA resolution from the H8, H9 and T8e Wowoto projectors which is slightly better resolution than 720p.

Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on a 100 inch screen was rather sweet, with the projector able to handle dark and light scenes just fine, as well as any parts that where pretty rapid, such as being chased by the police. Other games such as more darker games struggled a little, but a few tweaks in the Xbox Ones display settings soon fixed this issue with some really dark games.

Wowoto aren’t without problems, but for the price you really can’t complain all to much. Wowoto projectors would be classed as entry level budget projectors, don’t expect perfect performance. Some of the problems we could go into are that they suffer from some ghosting and the fact they are running a lame version of Android KItkat, but they are cheap so those issues are barely worth mentioning. When buying a Wowoto projector you are going to receive a well built product that’s compact, comes with a quiet fan ‘you can barely notice it’ Image quality that would be suitable for most home environments and of course gaming is great on these devices.

We tested gaming on the Wowoto range of projectors and found that you should expect the same image quality and performance from all 3 we tested. We have reviewed the H8, T8E and H9 projector which you check out the full reviews just below.

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