Portable Projector Outdoor Performance with the Wowoto T8e 1080p Portable DLP Projector

The Wowoto range of projectors are small, light weight and very portable projectors. The T8E is the most portable out of the range, having a built in battery that can last upwards of  2 hours. We wanted to see just how well the T8E performed being projected onto brick work, you may do this yourself with a projector of this type during the summer months onto an outside wall or even at an event you may attend.

The 3 projectors we have reviewed from Wowoto have about the same hardware capabilities as each other. The T8E allows us to test the image qualities further a field but depending on what your requirements are, any of the projectors below will achieve around the same level of performance. The Wowoto H9 projector being a slight exception to its counterparts, with its’ improved contrast capabilities.

In the video below we will be taking the Wowoto T8E out with us to some relatively remote and some random locations to see how well we can project some video footage. We will choosing hard surfaces ‘obviously’ such as walls and other hard surfaces. Unless you can carry a large projection screen around with you, your probably going to be limited to stone work or brick work  depending where you are in the world. This video should give you an idea of what you can achieve with these Wowoto projectors.

We have reviewed the Wowoto H8, H9 and the T8E projectors. Each one of these Wowoto projectors provides a budget entry point for those wanting to dip their toes into the world of projectors, without having to re-mortgage your home. Higher end entry level projectors and professional grade projectors are incredibly expensive. As a big bonus, Wowoto have 3D-DLP enabled these projectors, we cover this in the reviews we have made just below and we are impressed at how well this feature performs.

Wowoto projectors have a number of awesome features that we also cover in the reviews below. One big feature is the android capabilities of them, running Android KItkat 4.4.4. We understand that Android Kitkat is considered a very old operating system, as far as Android is concerned anyway. Android is only a feature on these projectors and is not the be all and end all of these devices. As I have mentioned previously, these are fully capable of displaying 3D video footage, you will require DLP enabled glasses to take advantage and you may struggle to find a working set as they are not included with the projector. We recommend turning to sites like eBay or Amazon to source your 3D projector glasses for usage with the Wowoto projectors, they are also very cheap. We do believe Wowoto should at least include a pair of them as our experience, they will only work with non branded DLP glasses and not branded 3D glasses that come with 3D TV’s.

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