Mecool M8S Pro VS Itself: I Don’t Get It

MeCool M8S Pro

MeCool M8S Pro





General Performance




Video Playback



  • Amlogic S912
  • Dual Band WIFI
  • Very Cheap
  • Good Brand
  • Compact, Sleek Design


  • Cheap Plastic Design
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Crap IR Remote

Around 6 months ago, MeCool launched their latest product the MeCool M8S Pro. This device came with Amlogic’s latest processor, the S912 Octacore SOC as well as 3GB DDR4 ram and a choice between 16GB or 32GB storage. The M8S boasted android 7.1.2 and was one of the first TV box’s to feature Nougat as an operating system on Amlogic’s range of SOC’s fitted in Android TV box’s.

The powerful S912 Octacore processor within the MeCool M8S Pro is blazing fast compared to its rivals and comes equipped with the Mali-T820MP3 which really comes in useful when running 3D games. 4K Ultra HD video is easily handle by the S912 SOC and you should expect a pretty smooth experience.

The design of the Mecool M8S Pro is sleek and small, measuring a mere¬†10 x 10 x 2 CM’s in diameter but due to it’s very cheap flimsy plastic construction design, it is some what let down by this. I feel their are a lot better quality TV box’s for a similar amount of money, such as the Beelink GT1.

As with the majority of Android TV box’s, the MeCool M8S Pro come’s with a cheap low quality IR remote and should really be thrown in the bin. I highly recommend obtaining a wireless remote’s, these are relatively cheap and should be purchased separately for all Android TV box’s that come with these TV box’s.

This device come’s with either 2GB or 3GB of ram which is great for multi tasking and some intensive 3D games. One thing all KODI users and those wanting to stream films and tv shows from various applications should be aware of is that a large amount of RAM will not help with buffering. Buffering is something that occurs due to a myriad of issues but is generally not usually down to hardware other than maybe a slow internet connection.

Wireless transfer speed comes from the dual band enabled hardware, supporting both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ bandwidth. Transfer speeds are good and you should expect a good steady WIFI connection.

Mecool have decided to release a new version and have renamed it the Mecool M8S Pro L. The video below shows you a quick over view of this device and compares it to it previous model the Mecool M8S Pro.

Both are brilliant device, but have their problems just like all devices

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