Linux Ubuntu Fanless Mini PC: Beelink S1 Apollo Intel Quad Core Processor

When Scot reviewed the Beelink S1 it was clear that it was a serious piece of hardware for running WIndows 10. Scott took a good look at the devices everyday performance and it’s gaming capabilities, but it was always going to be slightly held back by the Windows 10 operating system it is lumbered with.

If your not familiar with Linux based operating systems, I strongly advise you get to no them. With a myriad of different versions available that cater to a wide range of requirements, Linux has you covered no matter your requirements. We placed Linuxium port of Ubuntu on the Beelink S1 to test the performance difference with Windows 10, it was clear that Ubuntu allowed this hardware to really shine. Don’t worry though, Windows 10 runs pretty well on this device which is equipped with 4GB ram and plenty of storage for a device of this type.

Intel’s range of low cost mobile processors are found in cheaper Windows 10 based media centres and tablets, like the Beelink S1. The latest being the Apollo series of Intel Atom processors which are a huge step up in speed above the older cherry trail line of CPU’s. After testing this device on not only Ubuntu but thoroughly with Windows 10, Intel Apollo’s processors are way faster than Cherrytrail.

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Linux is a system that is open to anyone to try out, it is not difficult to get to understand and is as secure ‘if not more’ than Windows


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