beelink gt 1 ultimate fake or mistake
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hello evryone jus i buy a beelink gt1 ultimate 3g/32g emmc very happy when arive plug and lets play.... 5 min to boot from beelink logo very slow...not this was the problem becouze i buy just for libreelec ...the problem is i try to boot whit 3g dtb not a chance. after a wille i said to chech the ram to see if have realy 3g ram or is fake....i reallyze the beelink have just 2g the problem is nobody from gearbest respond to fiind a solution ...and i was so happy becouze i buy whit the cuppon from mxqproject site and was chepper... some can advise me what can do?

Posted : 07/01/2018 4:51 pm
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If it is from Gearbest it will be genuine - Open a support ticket with Gearbest they will get back to you

have you tried all S912 DTB's -

Posted : 09/01/2018 12:51 pm

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