Beelink X2: Installing Linux Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 ARMBIAN

Beelink have produced some pretty solid TV box’s over the years, one TV box that really stands out is the Beelink X2. This was the first TV box to offer 4K for less than $30 doller’s. Beelink engineered this box so well, that I really have not seen another cheap TV box quite like it, bringing full OTA system support and a build quality like no other cheap TV box. Unfortunately Beelink no longer manufacturer this device, but if I was using one today, it would still be a reliable device to stream and watch my favourite show’s on.

Beelink fitted the X2 with a AllWInner H3 Quad core processor which was a really quite impressive SOC and still is used in some development boards today. The X2 did have a relatively low specification with 1GB of ram and a small 8GB memory chip, but the awesome firmware installed on this device really made use of all the available hardware and it did it like no other TV box could.

Over the last few years their has being a number of developments for the H3 processor and some of those development have being aimed at the Beelink X2, mainly because it was such a popular device. About a year ago we took a look to see if we could run any sort of Linux system on this device and quickly found the OrangePI PC Development Board which is fitted with the AllWinner H3, luckily the Linux ports actually booted and functioned on the Beelink X2. Soon we discovered that their had being a significant effort by the Armbian team to bring a working Linux IMG to the Beelink H3 using the readily available Orange PI image’s and tweaking them for the Beelink X2.

It has now being some time since we last visited Linux for the Beelink X2  and Armbian have since released a new version of Armbian for the H3 including support for the Beelink X2 and of course it is officially listed on the Armbian website.

Below you can see a video of us putting this Linux Ubuntu image for the X2 into action, you will be surprised just how well this runs and if you have one I strongly suggest you give it a go. Don’t worry about damaging your device, we will be dual booting Linux using a SD card to run the operating system.

Download the Ubuntu IMG from Here

You will also need something to write the IMG file to a SD card –

Install onto Window – Download Win32Disk Here

I advise using a fast MIcro SD card such as a Sandisk Ultra card

I hope you enjoy running Linux on your Beelink X2


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