Amlogic Customisation Tool: A Brief Introduction

We will be taking a look at Amlogic Customisation tool and exploring some of this tools abilities. This tool is designed to tear down Amlogic Android IMG files so that the firmware can be modified. The full tutorial can be seen below.

As you are someone who is taking an interest in Amlogic devices and the accompanying Android firmware, learning to use this tool will help when it comes to changing and modifying firmware to improve its look and possibly performance. You may also be wanting to modify android boxes you may be selling by adding a customised boot logo, this is made easy by the tools user interface.

The video below is a brief introduction to using this tool, I will show you where pre-installed applications ‘bloat ware’ are stored and how to change the boot logo or splash screen of the android firmware you are editing. I will aim to bring more videos showing how to modify different areas of the Amlogic Android firmware, over the coming months.

This tool can be used on all Amlogic android firmware upto Android Marshmallow 6. Unfortunately Amlogic have discontinued development of Amlogic Customisation Tool and have made no plans to allow Amlogic Android 7 Nougat firmware to be used with this tool. In time Amlogic will no doubt release an updated version of this tool to allow further modifications of Android firmware.

Download Amlogic Customisation Tool here

To install this tool you will need a Windows PC

Hopefully you learned a little bit about Amlogic customization tool, until next time.


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  1. Hey, love the video…. Very simple, easy to follow, and straight to business. I’m very interested in this process, and the updated version of Amlogic’s editing tool. (If ever released). Thank you so much for a great vid and I’ll continue to tune in.

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