Open Source
TV Box Developments

MXQProject show cases systems that bring KODI 17 and other awesome systems to older Amlogic based TV box's - These developments will unleash the true potential of your Amlogic based TV device.

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Open Source

Amlogic SOC's

Everything you find on this site is available free of charge, that's what open source is all about - MXQProjects goal is to make everyone see the true potential of their hardware and to give awesome developers a platform to show off their skills.
Developments for Amlogics SOC's ranging from the S805 right through to the latest S912 are covered - Not all SOC's have the same range of systems yet, but we aim to support developers where possible.

User Friendly

Cheap Devices

Easy, peasy, lemon squesy - Well not quite, you will still need to use your nogging - We aim to make things as straight forward as possible with written and video guides both on this website and Youtube - Don't forget our forum and facebook group for further help.
The whole project started off bringing newer systems to the MXQ S805 - Our goal is to target POPULAR low cost devices that have no support available, from their original manufacturer - Reducing the need to throw out your hardware.